Delicacies with salmon

Well-tempered smoked fish enjoyment

All fish from our smoked salmon assortment is available in a keep-fresh package that is, of course, kept in the refrigerator. However, prior to eating you should treat it like a good red wine: Remove the desired quantity of fish from the package and allow it to increase in temperature somewhat and "breath". When refrigerator-cold, it cannot completely unfold its fine aromas.

Tramezzini: Sandwiches from bella Italia

For original Italian Tramezzini (tramezzo = between), strictly speaking original Italian white bread is required, from which the crust can be cut off. But it will certainly also taste good to you if you use your favourite whole-wheat toast with the crust. (Otherwise, the cut-off crusts can be toasted to make croutons for soup or salad.)

Sandwich salmon/smoked salmon
Slices of white bread/toast
Ricotta (ital. cream cheese, 45 %)
Cucumber slices
Herbs: e.g. chives or dill
(coloured pepper from a mill)

It's that easy:
Coat the slices of bread with ricotta layer by layer, lay a slice of salmon with chives and cucumber slices on it, add a pinch of pepper (or not) to the centre layer, and as a highlight a slice of salmon with a herbal garnish on the top layer. Buon Appetito!

Smoked salmon on "Roesti"

The roesti (hash browns) is an export hit of the German Swiss kitchen. There are many opinions about the optimum type of potato and what the possible ratio of raw grated to cooked potatoes. One thing is certain: All crispy roestis harmonize magnificently with smoked salmon.
By the way, that also applies to "Kartoffelpuffer/Reibekuchen/Reiberdatschi/Reibeplätzchen" and whatever else they're called.

Smoked salmon
For the "roesti": Potatoes, salt + pepper
Fresh greens; e.g. rocket + smooth parsley
Dip: e.g. aioli, honey-mustard sauce, fig mustard, etc.

It's that easy:
Grate peeled raw potatoes in rough strips on a kitchen grater (large potatoes are easier to grate than small ones), salt and add a pinch of milled pepper. Shape the "roestis" with both hands by pressing out the potato mass and bake until golden-brown in plenty of grease in a pan; carefully turn when the edge visibly takes on colour. Dress the salmon with the dip and fresh greens on the "roestis".

Burgers, baguettes or wraps with pulled salmon

Go ahead and prepare the snack of your choice according to you mood as a role, baguette or wrap: it always succeeds and always tastes good.

"Stremel" salmon
Seasonal green salad
Red onions
Bell pepper
Sauce: either aioli or honey-mustard

It's that easy:
Pull the "stremel" salmon (see above) and cut the vegetables into rings/slices. Spread the roll/baguette halves/wrap flatbread with sauce and add the other ingredients. Fold closed/roll up, take a bite – enjoy.