It was possible to refine something precious

Our 100 employees produce all products at our company headquarters in Zetel-Neuenburg in the Frisian region of Germany. To do this, our audited freshness logistics delivers outstanding fresh-caught raw product.

During refining we combine traditional handicraft methods with modern, economic, energy-saving systems. At Abrahams the fish is automatically cleanly filleted, but salted by hand. We smoke according to traditional methods exclusively over native precious woods and beech wood chips. At the same time, we have developed the gentle cold-smoking method with probably the lowest temperatures in all of Germany.

In short: We combine tradition with innovation in the service of affordable top quality.

Master craftsmanship: dry and wet salting

The salmon fillets are salted before smoking. A distinction is made between two types of salting: dry salting and wet salting.

With dry salting, the fillets are sprinkled with salt by hand. This requires experience and sensitivity to keep the salt content consistent. Good things take time, for dry salting and long maturing and drying times withdraw tissue water from the fish: That makes the individual slices so wonderfully firm when cut and firm to the bite, guaranteeing a longer shelf life.

With wet salting, a water-salt mixture is injected into the fish fillets or immerses them in it. This process is considerably faster and does not have much to do with master craftsmanship. The result: a higher weight of the salmon fillets and softer slices that can tear more easily when removed.

Identification mark: made in Germany

The identification mark shows the last country and German State the product was processed or packaged in. This can be recognised from the symbol (oval) on the package. It can be found on all animal products.

We process and package our fish products almost exclusively here in Zetel-Neuenburg in the Frisian region of Germany.

Deutschland (Germany); abbreviation for the member country

NI "Number"
Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) ; approval number of the company, from which the product comes

Product from a company from the "Europaische Gemeinschaft" (European Community)