Best working conditions = best job performance

As a family-owned and operated company, we take the needs of our "family members" vary seriously: We would like all employees to be satisfied and to feel comfortable.

Flat hierarchies: "The star is the team"
We foster flat hierarchies and an open, communicative, team-oriented working environment. Every employee may and should also work in and support other areas.

Family and profession: Work-life balance is no longer a foreign word
The compatibility of family and profession is desirable, but not always easy to realize. We support mothers and fathers with flexible part-time models for both child care and the care of relatives. In suitable areas we have also set up working from a home office.

Further training: you never stop learning
The further training of our employees is important to us. That's why we promote ongoing internal training courses, external seminars or other advanced training possibilities.

Responsibility for others

On the one hand, people live in abundance and, on the other hand, at the subsistence level. There are such sharp contrasts right at our doorstep. We support projects and organisations that have made it their task to help people in need and illness.

"Vareler Tafel": finest fish on the table

We donate packaged products from our firm that, due to being underweight as "B merchandise", do not meet the quality standards of our customers or originate from overproduction to the "Vareler Tafel" (Varel food bank). The food bank in neighbouring town was founded in 2005 under the trusteeship of the protestant church congregation in town of Varel.

Sponsorship: education creates prospectives
For many years we have supported the school education and training of a sponsored child in Africa.

Die Tafeln

Trainees as sustainability ambassadors

The acceptance of social responsibility is part of the curriculum of our trainees. Every year they develop projects on this subject. We currently support the association "Schlüsselblume e.V.":

"Schlüsselblume e.V. is an information and advisory centre against sexual violence to children, juveniles and young adults in the city of Wilhelmshaven. The goal of the association is to end helplessness and speechlessness, which affects both the abused child and persons that want to help it."

The focus of the work of "Schlüsselblume" is on advising those affected and the helpers of the affected, as well as the prevention in the form of school projects with students or talks and seminars with people who work with children and juveniles.

Give enjoyment and do good
In coordination with the department managers of Shipping, Sales and Marketing, the trainees have put together four gift baskets with our smoked fish products. These are offered at our factory sales outlet, whereby part of the receipts are donated to Schlüsselblume e.V. In addition, an advertising campaign has been launched , the local press has been informed and information is posted in the factory sales outlet, sales personnel is trained and a collection piggy bank is set up.

It's a major project for our trainees! It is well received by our customers and many additional action days, e.g. tastings, are planned.