Perfectly cut to size for system catering

Bakeries, commercial kitchens, cafeterias, caterers, etc. - they all trust in Abrahams for good reasons:
We develop top products, which are also literally perfectly cut to size for system catering:
Our "Baguette Salmon" and "Sandwich Salmon" are unbeatable in this regard; both products with slices of exactly the same size and consistent slice weight.


Always a good catch: "Friesländer"

Our "Friesländer assortment contains choice salmon specialities with a favourable p0rice-performance ratio. Here we offer you completely cut and uncut sides of smoked salmon and "gravalax" that are 100 % dry cured and/or marinated by hand. The smoked salmon is smoked over native precious woods according to traditional methods.

Exactly right for the "bread-and-butter business"

Our baguette salmon is available with a uniform slice weight of 25 g (+/‑ 2 g). Each slice is separated with a film.

Variants: Smoked salmon and "gravalax".

Various packaging sizes are possible, e.g. 1 kg = 40 slices (+/‑ 4 slices), 500 g = 20 slices (+/‑ 2 slices) or 100 g = 4 slices

Our sandwich salmon has the shape and size of a slice of bread for toasting (9.5 x 9.5 cm).

Choose whether you want 500 g with a slice weight of 25 g, which is equivalent to 20 slices, or 600 g with a slice weight of 30 g, which is also equivalent to 20 slices.

A good cut slice for slice:

  • Cost savings due to fast processing
  • Calculation security
  • Simply removal of the salmon slices
  • Without skin or dark meat

They sell like sliced bread:

Baguette salmon

Everyone is equal before the baguette: slice for slice. That's how preparation succeeds in next to no time and each finished salmon baguette is exactly as delicious as every other one. That's how connoisseurs like to be convinced.

  • Each slice weighs 25 g (+/–2 g)
  • Simple removal thanks to calibrated salmon slices
  • Available as smoked salmon and "gravalax"
1/3 Irresistible: simply delectable
2/3 Maximum practicality: removal of the slices
3/3 Already a feast for the eyes in the package

Sandwich salmon

This salmon delicacy made from the fillet is literally cut to size for sandwiches: Each slice has exactly the size of a slice of bread for toasting, exactly the same weight:
for fast, clean portioning.

  • Each slice of smoked salmon weights either 25 g (+/–2 g) or 30 g (+/–2 g)
  • Size: 9.5 x 9.5 cm = slice of bread for toasting
1/4 This is what it looks like: Enjoyment to the power of three
2/4 Maximum practicality: removal of the slices
3/4 Equalised slices the size of toast

"Friesenstern": here even the price is a little lax

You serve the lower price segment excellently with our "Friesenstern" brand. The entire sliced sides of smoked salmon and "gravalax" are provided with combined salting here. This means: The sides of salmon are both injected and dry-cured and/or marinated by hand. Then the smoked salmon is cold-smoked over beech wood in the traditional manner.

The "Friesenstern salmon delicacy" is available sliced, deep-skinned, without skin, 1 kg or 200 g.


A trend worth of the movies: pulled salmon

Go ahead and try something new: Hot-smoked salmon fillet is now becoming the trendy product, "gently pulled" is in demand. Inspired by pulled pork, now there's also pulled salmon. Create your pulled salmon burger or wrap – the perfect snack "to go" for your customers.

Pulled Salmon

Please see for yourself: