Exquisite from

Salmon and Sea

Welcome to top-class smoked fish!

Welcome to the realm of good taste, welcome to carefully refined fish delicacies. 
We invite you to join us on a stroll through the culinary delights of the sea.

Bon appetit!

The very finest baguette salmon

It sells like sliced bread

  • The finest smoked salmon or gravlax
  • Exactly identical 25 g slices of fillet
  • Can be processed quickly and reliably calculated

Perfect for catering

Now also available in 500 g catering pack

Pulled Salmon – tender and succulent

Irresistible for connoisseurs!

  • Hot-smoked, pulled fish fillet from fresh-caught salmon
  • Extremely tender and incomparably succulent
  • Perfect for burgers, sandwiches, wraps, etc.

Lower Saxony's culinary ambassador for 2018

Norwegian Gravlax – a hint of dill

  • Hand-marinated salmon fillet, given time to mature
  • According to original Swedish recipe
  • With distinctive herbal aroma

Quite excellent – in
both quality and taste

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