Dirk Abrahams GmbH is a family-owned business with its company headquarters in Neuenburg in the Frisian region of Germany between Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven. Founded by Dirk Abrahams in 1990, today the company owns Germany's largest fish smokehouses. With a very simple recipe for success:

Uncompromising quality combined with a clear commitment to social and ecological responsibility

On average, approximately 100 employees work at our company during the year. They smoke and refine eel, trout, mackerel and – especially salmon. In the process, we combine traditional methods with modern, economic, energy-saving systems.

A success story: quality prevails

Today's company originated from a fish speciality shop with its own smokehouse. The surrounding catering businesses were also supplied. This company founded as a one-man operation in 1989 by Dirk Abrahams had a production area of approx. 100 m².

In June 1992 the company was converted to a pure production company with nationwide sales.

The secret of our rapid growth: The smoking method in an Altona oven used from the outset results in an incomparable smoky flavour. Sales are constantly increasing.

The rapid development enables investment in a new production plant in the industrial park on Collsteder Damm. It has been expanded several times until today.

Now factory buildings with an area of approximately 5,000 m² are available on a total area of over 21,500 square meters.

Abrahams Räucherei

Taste the difference

"A", as in Abrahams, stands for superior 1A quality that you can taste:

  • Our fish come from a sustainable catch, thereby being gentle on the ecosystem, or originating from certified ecological and conventional farms where salmon is raised in an environment in tune with nature.
  • Monitored freshness logistics partners supply selected raw product directly to Neuenburg, Germany in a supply chain subject to uninterrupted cooling.
  • Great emphasis is placed on traditional craftsmanship at our firm: special dry curing by hand and long maturing and drying times.
  • We smoke exclusively over native woods and beech wood chips.
  • Our quality management system ensures a gap-free consistent top quality from incoming goods to the finished products. These include approx. 4,000 microbiological and chemical analysis in the company's own laboratory every year.
  • Ongoing certification according to International Food Standard (IFS) as one of the first companies in the fish sector.
  • Certifications according to MSC, EC Ecological Directive and the strict Naturland guidelines.
  • Multiple awards of our products with DLG Gold and "Lower Saxony's Culinary Ambassador"

A good catch requires a clear course of direction

A high-performance company that has grown into an internationally recognised fish delicacy specialist in a relatively short period of time requires a clear sense of direction in order to remain on its path of success:

  • Consistently outstanding quality is the basis for our business, continuous top performance our claim.
  • We do our best with passion, joy and proficiency – every day.
  • We aspire to the sustainable use of our natural resources and to ecological and social responsibility.
  • Our name is a reliable seal of quality for all enthusiasts of fine smoked fish.
  • Despite all of our efforts to achieve a competitive advantage and profitability, we maintain our respect for human beings, our environment and the public interest.
  • We stand by our production site in Zetel-Neuenburg in Germany's Frisian region.
  • For our retail partners, we are a committed idea generator for market-orientated products and mutual success concepts.

Principles and Values


Purchasing: quality from the outset

The suppliers for the raw product are carefully selected and monitored. We only process the raw product if the specified quality characteristics during receiving are checked and met. The distribution of suppliers and seasonal agreements ensures the required quantities.


Constant improvement: better surpasses good

We are constantly striving to learn more: Our goals is the constant improvement of all processes and a further increase in product quality. We achieve this with regular inspection and continuous improvement of the organisational, operational and technical aspects. Here the focus is on the continuous further training of your employees and the use of state-of the-art tools.


Efficiency: Only 1A personnel makes a 1A company

Motivated, qualified, loyal and professional employees are the basis for our efficiency. Our people identify with their work; there are clear responsibilities in the company and freedom to make one's own decisions. We promote innovations. And we create the condition for this with a respectful, human approach, good team work and fair, performance-oriented hiring conditions.


Quality management: an absolute MUST

Our quality management is integrated in all our processes. All department managers understand and accept themselves as partners to QA and cultivate open, performance-oriented communication.


Production processes: safe + clean

Defined and documented workflows, reliable and hygienic process sequences and the use of modern technologies are the condition for the quality of products and food safety.


Product development: market-oriented specialities

Our product range serves the market with what customers want. We monitor the market and its trends exactly and repeatedly develop products that are not interchangeable.


Market partnership: service-oriented + reliable

We process orders quickly and flexibly. Deliverability and adherence to delivery dates are obligatory for us; we take special requirements and requests into account to the best of our ability. We are always aware of our special responsibility as a food manufacturer: Of course, we conscientiously meet all requirements for product safety and legality. It is clear to us that there will always be someone that offers similar products at a lower price than we do.


Fairness: from person to person

Fair, responsible interaction

from game fish to palate tickler

grow with salmon