Energy efficiency: key to environmental and climate protection

The most environment-friendly energy is the energy that isn't consumed in the first place. Saving energy and protecting resources and avoiding emissions as a result is therefore a very important principle of sustainability for us.

All lighting in the production rooms was converted to efficient, energy-saving LED lamps: This has reduced the electrical consumption by up to 20 kW/h!

Cogeneration: Our cogeneration plant put into operation in 2017 generates 1/3 electricity and 2/3 heat. The heat is used for the supply of heat of the entire production system via a high-efficiency heat exchanger.

Completely utilise instead of wasting

As a manufacturer of premium fish products, we are also very careful that our fish are completely utilised. For example, for our premium sides of salmon we remove the belly flap; "cut-off sections" also result from machine cutting: We collect all cut-off sections. Some of our customers utilise these further and produce new products from them (e.g. pâté).

In our factory sales outlet, the cut-off smoked salmon sections are very popular: Customers use them for pizza, as salad toppings or simply for a tasty roll.

Avoid waste and recycle

The same way we utilize our fish almost 100 %, we also make the best out of our packages: They Styrofoam boxes in which the entire salmon arrive at our company on ice are compressed in a press and fed into the reusable material cycle again. The cardboard boxes are sorted and brought to the semi-chemical pulp factory in the neighbouring town. Non-returnable pallets are also recycled.

Sort and recycle plastic
Plastic packages still fulfil the required high quality and hygiene-standards best. As long as there is still no sustainable, safe and economically usable alternative, it is also still the cleanest solution for our film and bag recycling: so please collect plastic waste for recycling. Thank you.

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