Pulled salmon – tender and succulent

"Slow and low" is the preparation credo: This is the mega trend in which connoisseurs become weak. Slow-cooked meat is so wonderfully succulent and it becomes so tender that it can be pulled apart with a fork. Therefore, we smoke the fresh salmon fillets at a little over 100 °C.

In the Gastro-Pack variant, you can already take it out of the package and prepare it straight away. Be creative, add seasoning sauces to your liking and you conjure up a delightful fish experience in no time, e.g .:

  • Pulled salmon burger
  • Pulled salmon club sandwich
  • Pulled salmon burrito & wraps
Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value in kJ/kcal 1003/ 241
Fat in g: 18,3
  • Thereof saturated fatty acids in g:
Carbohydrates in g: 0,0
  • Thereof sugar in g:
Protein in g: 19,1
Salt in g: 2,2


Item no. 7477
Pulled Salmon
500 g
16 MAP packs/ box

Item no. 7475
Bio Pulled Salmon
With mustard-dill sauce
120 g (100 g + 16 ml mustard-dill sauce)
5 MAP packs/ box