Smoked eel and smoked eel fillet

First-class farmed eels are traditionally hot-smoked over beech wood chips in an Altona oven by our master smoker. And that's how it achieves its incomparable smoky aroma.

For every kilogramme of eel sold, we financially support the Eel Stewardship Fund (ESF) of the Initiative for Promotion of the European Eel (IFEA - Initiative zur Förderung des europäischen Aals e. V.).

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value in kJ/kcal 1378/ 329
Fat in g: 28,6
  • Thereof saturated fatty acids in g:
Carbohydrates in g: 0,0
  • Thereof sugar in g:
Protein in g: 17,9
Salt in g: 2,2


Item no. 160
Smoked eel fillet
500 g 
10 packs/ box

Item no. 163
Smoked eel fillet
100 g
10 or 20 packs/ box

Item no. 164
Smoked eel fillet
200 g
10 or 20 packs/ box