Dinner for Two: divided enjoyment is twice as enjoyable

Fresh-caught Norwegian farmed salmon meets sockeye wild salmon: from the crystal-clear waters of Alaska. We marinate the sockeye by hand according to an original Canadian recipe with a salt-sugar-herb mixture. Extensive maturing and drying times and the art of your master smoker perfect the game fish.

Dinner for Two consists of sockeye wild salmon and smoked salmon in slices, four salmon candies in the flavours pepper, curry-fruit, bruschetta and garlic, accompanied by a cranberry-cream-horseradish dip and an orange-mustard sauce.

Average nutritional values* per 100 g
Calorific value in kJ/kcal 800/ 191
Fat in g: 10,4
  • Thereof saturated fatty acids in g:
Carbohydrates in g: 7,6
  • Thereof sugar in g:
Protein in g: 16,7
Salt in g: 2,6


*The nutritional values include the cranberry-cream-horseradish dip and the orange-mustard sauce

Item no. 7451
Dinner for Two
150 g salmon+ 20 g dip + 16 ml sauce
6 MAP packs/ box

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