Produced in Germany: the identification mark

We are proud that our fish products are 100% processed and packaged in Germany. 
The identification mark – the oval label on the package – informs the buyer of the country and federal state in which the product was last processed and packaged. This label appears on all products of animal origin.

1. DE = Germany; indicator of the member state

2. NI = Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony); registration number of the business manufacturing the product

3. EG = Product of a company in the European Community

The craft of dry curing
Our salmon fillets are cured prior to smoking. There are two types of salting: dry salting and wet salting.

In the case of dry salting, salt is evenly applied to the fillets by hand. Ensuring an equal amount of salt requires skill and craftsmanship on the part of our experienced employees. Ultimately, good things come to those who wait: dry salting and long maturing and drying times remove tissue water from fish, making every slice wonderfully firm to the bite and guaranteeing a long shelf life.

By contrast, wet salting involves either injecting a saltwater mixture straight into the fish fillets, or placing the fillets in the solution. This process, while being much faster, requires little in the way of craftsmanship. The result is heavier and softer slices of salmon which can easily tear when removed from the packaging.